ZipLinks App FAQ

ZipLinks Frequently Asked Questions:

Will ZipLinks slow down my website?

nope! ZipLinks does not add any code to your store or theme. so once installed, it will not slow down your website

What is a ZipLink?

Also known as a "permalink", a ZipLink is a short, simple URL that sends a customer directly to your cart or checkout with one, or more, products pre-populated. Each ZipLink can be configured differently and can preload a discount code, order note, and more.
These links present customers with an immediate purchase experience and will speed up your conversions.

Can I edit a ZipLink?

Yep! Editing a ZipLink is as easy as clicking the "Edit" button. If you have published, or emailed, your ZipLink to your customers already, don't worry. Your changes will take effect in real time.

How many ZipLinks can I create?

As many as you want! Each ZipLink has its own settings and URL path.

Does it work for Shopify Lite & Buy Button Plans?

Indeed it does! You can create direct-to-checkout links. Since Shopify Lite does not have an online store we will provide you with a special link for your customers to use. We will still track clicks and conversions.

What happens if I uninstall the app?

Once you uninstall ZipLinks we lose our connection to your shop and will not be able to properly forward your customers to your site or track performance. Please contact us at if this has become an urgent problem for you.

What is the URL path for?

Shopify "permalinks" are large, complex URL's which can be tricky to publish. ZipLinks solves this problem! Every ZipLink is defined with a URL path of your choice attached to your shop's domain.
Example ZipLink URL:

How do I build a ZipLink?

building a ziplink is easy. in the app we'll walk you thru the process and set you up for success.
however, if you have any questions - feel free to email us for help.

How do I add a discount code?

build or use a pre-existing discount code from your store and simply copy/paste it into the discount code field within ZipLinks.
then click next and you're done!

Can I use automatic discounts?

yes - ZipLinks works perfectly with automatic discounts.