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Club EarlyBird adds a ZipLink to an SMS. When users click the SMS message, they're taken directly to checkout with the products preloaded.


Club EarlyBird

Club EarlyBird is leveraging direct to checkout ZipLinks to improve user experience in SMS campaigns and has seen a significant improvement in conversion.


Amazing App!

"We're able to provide links that go straight to checkout with some really, really cool features. 1. There's an option to clear the customers cart. That's the #1 issue when sending customers straight to the checkout. 2. Works with recharge products. So we can send custom links based on what we want the subscription frequency to be. This is a game changer for making it easier for customers to buy your stuff."

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Club EarlyBird Reported Huge Improvements in...

User Expirence

Conversion Rates

Channel Growth

Club EarlyBird | ZipLinks Case Study

Who is Club EarlyBird?

Note from Founder - Chuckie Gregory

Years ago I operated a business that required my team and I to wake up early. It was always a struggle for all of us. On top of that, as a go-getter, I always wanted that ability. The ability to easily wake up early and get shit done. To feel accomplished by 10am. So at some point it hit me. Let’s solve this problem. Why not us?
 began researching. And started testing all the different habits that I could find. All the tips and tricks. Put the alarm clock across the room, ect. Nothing really helped.
Then… one day I discovered the concept of a “Morning Cocktail”. This was a drink that you make before bed and leave on your night stand. So you can drink as soon as the alarm goes off (before hitting that snooze button).
We learned that one of the reasons waking up early was so hard was because of dehydration. And a morning cocktail helped solve that. This morning cocktail was water with lemon and sea salt.
It was the first thing that actually helped a bit.
Then… one morning I had a thought.
“What if this morning cocktail had EVERYTHING we needed to easily wake up early AND it tasted great.”That’s when we began experimenting. Researching all kinds of different ingredients and researching what we need in the morning. For about 18 months we tried a new combination of ingredients every morning until we found the perfect blend for our “Morning Cocktail”.

We discovered that there’s 3 things you need to easily wake up early and get shit done (we call them the 3 secrets to waking up early).

1. Clean Energy - achieved through natural caffeine paired with aminos and antioxidants for a smooth boost without a crash.

2. Supercharged hydration to quickly rehydrate (you lose over a pound of water overnight). This achieved through a high quality blend of electrolytes.

3. Increased Motivation - achieved through a blend of mood boosting nootropics such as ashwagandha and theobromine (the alkaloid found in chocolate that makes you feel good).

That’s when the EarlyBird Morning Cocktail was born!

A delicious Blood Orange Mimosa flavored Morning Cocktail that unlocks all 3 secrets to waking up early. 
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